Two days in a Police Station with Philip Bloom & other filmmakers

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So I arrived at ‘Sunhill Police station’ about to meet Philip Bloom and the other filmmakers. Tripod and camera bags in tow. Philip is an amazingly talented Filmmaker and Director of Photography so this was all very exciting.

The former home of ITV’s ‘The Bill’ is now a surreal set at Wimbledon Studios. I was on my way to the two day workshop but first I needed to walk through the a convincing Hospital set and Court Room before arriving at a very realistic ‘Metropolitan Police’ locker room.

DSLR and Cinema cameras were literally everywhere. I’m a camera geek so this was a great thing. Then I became aware of a shutter noise every few seconds at the start of the workshop. This could mean only one thing. We were to be subjects in a Timelapse film. This was all okay with me because I was at Sunhill Police station about to learn amazing new things about filmmaking.

We were set a challenge to create a one minute film using a part of The Bill set. The brief was to create drama and suspense. Philip and the team offered advice as we all stressed over our films under a short time limit. Sarah Estella gave me some really helpful advice here too. On day two the films were all screened and we got feedback. You can see my film at the end of this post.

Amongst many other things, we were part of super slow motion fun with the Sony FS700 at 240FPS. We learnt about the art of Lens Whacking from the phenomenal James Miller. This is where you use the wrong size lens to create an effect, look and feeling that is totally different. For example using an old Nikon lens on a Canon 5D mk3.

A truly inspirational two day workshop with fantastic people all very generous with their knowledge and talent. I’m working on several films now and can’t wait to share them once  ready.

The Safe – Philip Bloom Workshop June 2013. from Michelle Becker on Vimeo.






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